Forum Theater in Vienna (2019)

Caring for Communities was a Forum Theater played September 8th 2019 in Nordbahnhof. The play was initiated by Action Archive + Beatrice Stüde and produced in collaboration with Arkitekturzentrum WienTheater der Unterdrückten Wien ( was comissioned to develop the play and the process was led by Magoa Hanke och Veronika Vitovec. The actors were; Erica Ras, Evdokia Romanova, Hannes Reitberger and Katharina Fischer.

The Forum Theatre piece dealt with common rooms as a conflict area between bureaucracy and community action and was shown in connection with the exhibition Critical Care: Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet (Az W, 2019).


Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1698Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1398Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1662Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1647Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-2019Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1870Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1577Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1514Forumtheater-©MariaNoisternig-1380Photos by Maria Noisternig

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