“Tensta Museum” (Fall exhibition period) in Public Luxury 2018/2019 at ArkDes, Stockholm.


The work consisted of a mobile archive module, books, magazines, documents and posters from the Tensta 1989– 1995 collaboration project at Glömmingegränd by Loggia arkitekter AB and architect Ylva Larsson (“TENSTA Change under Cooperation 1989–1995”) and a film produced in collaboration between Familjebostäder AB in Stockholm, Loggia Arkitekter AB, NCC and SABO (video 17 min) completed in 1995. The mobile archive is painted in the color used in the Glömmineggränd transformation 1989-195.

“TENSTA Change under Cooperation 1989–1995” was commissioned by the local government and included the communal housing company Familjebostäder, the tenants’ organization and the architecture firm Loggia Architects, represented by Ylva Larsson. The tenants collaborated in the renewal of their buildings through a two-year-long dialogue, 1989–1991. Another unusual measure taken was that, during the following construction period, all tenants could stay in their homes. The project was completed with public artwork in the entrances of the buildings in 1995.

From 1989 to 1995, Loggia Arkitekter collaborated with the residents in the communal housing company Familjebostäder. Seven blocks of 960 households were affected when Ylva Larsson and her co-workers worked on site in continuous dialogue with people, adults and children, with backgrounds from all over the world and all communication materials where translated to all languages that were represented through its inhabitants. Social renewal with local connection was developed and neighborhood hosts were appointed. The architects also collaborated with the tenants’ association, social district, local government and urban building offices.

During the exhibition period, the work was activated through a series of public events.


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